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Ceremony Elements

Unity Sand

For unity sand ceremonies I can offer box frames etched with wording of your choice or a carafe, again etching is available.

The idea behind unity sand is two elements uniting, have you ever tried to seperate sand? Near impossible.

This ceremony is a lovely idea for couples to have as a keepsake of their wedding.

Also perfect for couples whose families are blending.


Hand Fasting

Hand fasting is traditionally known as 'tying the knot'

It comes from the idea 'that love lasts as long as the knot is tied'.

Each colour has a meaning, for example, red for passion, black for strength and blue for tranquilty.

You can choose to have the cords drapped over your linked hands by family or friends or have them braided before hand. Charms can also be added giving a more personal feel.

Ring Warming

This is a nice way of getting all your family and friends involved by passing the wedding rings around all of your guests, for them to make a silent wish or blessing for the couple.


Please note that there are many more ceremony elements available, please contact me to discuss your options.

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