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Ceremony Options

Wedding Blessing

Whether you plan on legally marrying before entering Turkey or having a Celebrant led ceremony alongside the Turkish ceremony, I can create a unique script that is perfect for you.

We can tell your love story, add elements, add readings, quotes or poems, as the ceremony is written for you it can contain as much or as little as you want.


Renewal of Vows

A renewal of vows can take place at any time, Many couples choose to celebrate milestone anniversaries, such as 10 years or 25 years.

Other couples decide to have a renewal of vows as soon as one week after.

Every couple have different circumstances and so every ceremony will be different depending on their wishes.

Naming Ceremony

Naming ceremonies are a wonderful way to celebrate a birth of a child or to acknowledge a child joining a new family.

A naming ceremony can be perfect for multicultural families wanting a special day for their families to gather and celebrate.

A naming ceremony can also be for grown-ups wanting to celebrate a change of name or circumstances.

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